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1936 Farmall F-20 cold start


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I am interested in restoring a tractor that I have. The only problem is that I don't know if it's a Farmall Regular or an F-20 as the serial plate is missing. The transmission is a 3-speed, characteristic of a Regular, it has side exhaust, family believes it to be a 1929 Regular but the number on the frame rail is 92376-either a 1930 Regular or a 1938 F-20. My question is this-Is there a way externally to tell the F-20 from the Regular? The tractor has enclosed steering gears, a reserve gas tank inside of main one (I think) the seat is an F-20 seat, it has the cable braking system, I have a bolt-on high-low gear for it and it rides on rubber tires with F-20 rims, but could have been changed over. It is to my understanding that Regular and F-20 parts are interchangeable. How do I know if it's a Regular or and F-20? This is frustrating for a sixteen-year-old! The paint is red and looks to be oringal, as it still has the bottom of the Farmall decals. This tractor has been cared for extremely will in its life and does not have one dent or flaw on it. It also has a Vortex air cleaner on it, if that helps, and all the casting numbers are 15-- DA or similar. Please help with any info you can give me! Thanks so much to all those who have contributed to my search.

 here is a photo of the steering differences. the one on the left is regular, the middle is the "duck bill" regular, and the one on the right is a f20.

F-20 has enclosed steering gears, internal reserve gas tank, updraft carb, out the hood exhaust, 4 speed tranny, serial number on rear of frame rail and right side engine block, early ones originally gray, and later ones originally red. The regular has open steering gears, external reserve gas tank, down draft carb, out the side exhaust (no hole in hood for exhaust), 3 speed tranny, serial number on frame rail in front of radiator, and originally gray with red wheel's. Alot of parts will interchange, alot of tractors have scrambled up parts, alot of tractors have been repainted. You will have to look at the big picture. Sounds like you have some items on yours from both tractors. It's just a matter of figuring out what has been swapped out. One other thing, the later F-20's from 38 on (I think) had a V belt and not a flat belt for the fan. Hope this helps.

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