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15 Secret furniture and Incredible Hidden storage furniture design ideas


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If your home is on the small side, here are some ideas you might want to mull over to make the most of the space you've got. Of course, these are but a few suggestions of an apparently limitless amount you can find online. 

Since every home is different in size and shape, ultimately you will need to think of the best solutions that are appropriate for your budget and space. Good luck!


How do I get the most out of my small house?

When your home is on the smaller side, you will need to be more thoughtful with how you use space for obvious reasons. Here are some suggestions from great sites like justagirlandherblog.com

You might also want to consider looking at our college life organization hacks for more food for thought. 

1. Declutter as much as possible - Chuck the junk! If you don't need something, don't keep it.

2. Consider separating rooms into zones - For small spaes like bedsits, etc., you might want to zone your living spaces. Make it multipurpose as much as possible. 

3. Max out your closet space - Make use of clever storage "hacks" to make the most of any closets you have. 

4. Be creative with space - Use walls and other flat surfaces as much as possible for your stuff. Don't waste anywhere if you can help it. 

5. Clear floor policy - Try to get as many items off the floor as much as possible. 

How can I decorate my small apartment?

When space is at a premium decorating your home can be a challenge. For some, it is an impossible task while others relish the challenge.

Whichever camp you fall in to, here are some ideas to help decorate your apartment as effectively as possible. Here are seven suggestions for your consideration (courtesy of countryliving.com). 

1. Forget the sofa, consider a setee

Large sofas are one of the main culprits for hogging space in any home. Why not consider downsizing to a setee to maximize your use of space in your lounge?

With the right design, it will complement the space rather than stand out too.

2. Shop around for furniture with storage

Since space is limited, you might want to consider investing in furniture that can double as storage space. This way, you get a two-for-one and save on valuable space for other things you might want in your home.


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