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10 Useless Machines That Do Nothing


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A cigarette is much more than tobacco wrapped in paper. The cocktail of chemicals in cigarette smoke comes from different sources when a cigarette is made and used.

Some chemicals are found naturally in the tobacco plant, such as addictive nicotine, and some are absorbed by the plant from the soil, air or fertilisers.

Some are added when tobacco leaves are processed. Others form when a cigarette burns, so are only in the smoke coming off a cigarette.

Roll-up tobacco cigarettes contain the same cancer-causing chemicals as manufactured cigarettes, so aren’t any safer.

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines are a group of cancer-causing chemicals only found in tobacco. But many of the cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco and cigarette smoke have other surprising uses.

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Find out more about how these chemicals can cause cancer on 

What is nicotine and why do people smoke?

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug. Most people do not smoke regularly out of choice alone, but because they are addicted to nicotine. But using nicotine itself, for example in nicotine replacement therapy, doesn’t cause cancer.

People may associate smoking with feeling less stressed and anxious, but this is only because it temporarily relieves the unpleasant symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Smokers can also make connections with situations when they usually smoke, like having a cigarette whilst reading the newspaper, it can just be a habit. This can reinforce the addiction to smoking.

That is why stopping can be difficult, but it is possible. In recent years the number of cigarette smokers in the UK has fallen.

Find out more about how to stop smoking 


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